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July 13, 2020 2 min read



Many may wonder if there are any reliable and easy places where one can work from home. There are many obscure and generally sketchy websites out there that offer jobs to help you work from home, but can we really trust those websites? Well look no further! Here’s a shortlist of online platforms you can check out to begin working remotely:



FlexJobs is a good online platform because it reduces the chances of scammers getting in by having companies pay to list. The website offers freelancing gigs, part-time jobs, and full-time jobs all in one platform. They also thoroughly screen listings before approving it, so scams are less likely to occur. You can search for jobs by category, and you can even customize and filter your searches! Of course, with all its perks, it’s not free, and you can buy a one-year membership for $49.95, which give you unlimited access to all job listings, a personalized portfolio, and expert tips for a year.


We Work Remotely

One of the largest remote working sites, We Work Remotely is an online portal brand name for freelancers looking for jobs. They also require companies to pay a whopping $299 to post a job for a month, so yes, it is legit. These companies were paying big money because they are looking for people that meet the specific qualifications. This is a big opportunity for freelancers because if you meet their requirements, you know you’re going to be paid generously. One thing to note is that these companies will not offer small one-time jobs, they are only looking to offer part-time and full-time jobs.



If you think you’ve got the skills, then join CloudPeeps. They’re a higher skill-level based website, which makes it a bit harder to join, but also easier to get a job because of its exclusivity. Most of the time, you will be working with a team. Their main focus includes social media services, marketing, and copywriting. They have a free version, but their standard version is priced at $9 per month.


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