Work from Home — 3 Tips to Increase Productivity.

June 20, 2020 2 min read

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, working from home has been the new normal for a lot of people. Although it might be easy to switch from a 9-to-5 work environment and into a more comfortable one, your productivity might suffer due to all the various distractions in your home. So, how can you become more productive when working from home?

The first thing you need to do is to establish some rules for yourself. Try to stick to your usual work routine. You can also download time management apps to help you stick to your schedule while allowing yourself 20-minute breaks in-between. Meetings are also usually scheduled through apps like Skype, Zoom, and Google Hangouts, so be sure you have enough space for these apps on your phone.

The next tip is to create your workspace. Allocate an area for yourself where you can have everything you need in one place, without ever needing to pack up. This allows you to have some peace of mind, and it also saves time. If possible, make sure this workspace will only be used for work, and not leisure.

Another thing that can save you is by investing in conventional work accessories.Your productivity can increase with a good keyboard and mouse that wouldn’t hurt your hands after typing for a few hours. A good chair will keep you comfortable and at ease, which can help you focus better. Lastly, a good laptop stand will elevate your laptop to eye level, reducing eye strain, and preventing you from slouching. We would recommend you the high-quality Portable Laptop Stand  by  STANDNITY to help you ease into the work from home lifestyle. Follow these tips, and you’ll be more productive in no time!

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